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How we help

Tech Stack

Well rounded techstack that includes all the tools needed to build a state of art app.


We provide video and audio content to help you fill in knowledge gaps.


We’ve created a space for all developers to come and share the knowledge.

The Chewy Stack


The Chewy Stack includes Nest.js as the backend framework to handle events, and more complex tasks.


The Chewy Stack includes Hasura to get an instant GraphQL API on top of a Postgres database.


The Chewy Stack includes Next.js as the frontend framework to build for the web.


The Chewy Stack includes Expo as the framework to build mobile apps.


The Chewy Stack includes Keycloak to help you handle authentication.


The Chewy Stack includes Appsmith to help you build admin tooling.

And more!

The Chewy Stack includes a few other components to help you deal with common requirements.

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